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Kyani – What good is Wealth without Health

What if you could get good health with the side effects being wealth and time to spend with your family spending that wealth.

If this peaks your interest, please don’t put it off any longer. Find out how you can get all three now while working for yourself and be able to afford the luxuries that you and your family deserve.

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Viral PLR

A Review of ViralPLR – What is it and how it works

In this blog post, I will give you my personal review on a brand new site called ViralPLR.

There’s been a lot of garbage and hype out there about the latest and greatest tool that can make you rich overnight. Don’t be fooled because there’s no such thing. There really is no magic pill to riches.

What you need is a product which you can sell online, and a system that can build all this for you.

Well, today I’m proud to recommend ViralPLR.





What is ViralPLR?

It’s a site where you can get access to a brand new, rebrandable product every single month.

These products are information products based around hot topics related to Internet marketing and self-improvement — both proven to be big markets where a lot of money can be made.

At first glance, you’re probably thinking that ViralPLR provides PLR (private label rights) products. Although they do provide private label rights in its upgraded “Gold” membership (explained later), but if you sign up for free you get rebrandable rights.

What this means is that each product is rebranded with your details such as your name and website on the eBooks’ title page so it appears as though you authored the eBook.

This gives you a huge advantage because 1) you don’t need to write a single word and 2) you build your credibility and authority.

The rebranding of each eBook is done automatically using the ViralPLR Rebranding tool. You don’t need to mess around with document editors and PDF.

How Does It Work?

After you’ve signed up to ViralPLR, you can access the members area and the product of the month.

Follow the steps that are shown in the members dashboard. You want to make sure you fill in your details correctly as it will be used on the current eBook and every other eBook you receive each month when a member downloads your rebranded eBook.

You are given a unique promotion link to promote each product. There’s a link to promote the product as a lead generator and a link if you want to resell the product to make money.

If you want to use it as a lead generator, it will use the ready-made “squeeze page” where people can sign up to download the product.

If you want to make money, it will use the sales page where people can purchase the product where you’ll get paid per sale.

The best part is that any leads you generate will be stored in the ViralPLR Email System which you can then use to broadcast any emails like an offer or newsletter to your leads. This makes it one powerful system in my opinion.

What Are The Benefits of ViralPLR?

Firstly, it’s going to save you time and money by not having to create new products, designing web pages, web hosting and write.

You don’t need to be a tech wiz to figure out how to use and make it work.

I checked to see the quality of the eBooks you receive and they are top-notch. They are written by US based writers so you can rest assured knowing the eBooks are high-quality. Each product is approximately 40-50 pages, not some 10-page report that’s worthless.

Each product comes with a squeeze page which is used to collect leads.

Each product comes with a sales page that’s ready to make sales.

As I mentioned before, you don’t need web hosting. Everything is hosted in the ViralPLR server. Plus, you don’t need to register for domain names. You are given a unique link to promote each product. It’s that simple, really.

As you generate more leads into the system, so does your income. As they say “The money’s in the list”. You can broadcast any message you like to the leads you generate using the ViralPLR Email Broadcast System. Simply insert your email, submit and your subscribers will receive your message.

You’re getting a fresh product every month without writing a single word. That’s a time saver because you and I both know that it would takes days to write a 40 to 50-page eBook.

How Much is ViralPLR?

Access is free. Yep, zero dollars.  In my opinion, they could have easily charge d $97 a month for this service.

You can sign up here:

Are There Any Upgrades?

Yes, there is “Gold” membership upgrade which gives you several other benefits such as the complete private label rights and ability to integrate your own autoresponder with ViralPLR.

The upgrade alone is worth a lot more than the cost of producing a product each month. If you were to create a product yourself, it would cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to produce.

You will see the upgrade after you sign up and can make a decision on whether it’s something for you. In my opinion, having the private label rights is an advantage because you can fully customize the contents of the product in any way or form.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a way to build an online business, this is a great way.

This is especially valuable for beginners since there’s almost zero technical work that needs to be done on your end.

Even if you’re looking to make more passive income on the side, this is definitely a must-have to add to your income streams.

My recommendation for you is to sign up now. It’s a no-brainer. Best of all, it’s free.

Feel free to leave any feedback or comments about ViralPLR here. I would love to hear your responses.


State Of The Art Mailer Review – What is it and is it a scam?

State Of The Art Mailer (SOTAM) is a viral mailing system created by Jaye Pause & Brad Webb. It allows you to email around 29,000 active members your offer/ product.

I have been using SOTAM for three months now. It is my primary emailing service of this kind and I will go through everything that the mailer has to offer in detail for you.

SOTAM has different membership levels which allow you to mail active members starting from 500 (which is the free membership) up to 25,000 (the top membership) every 3 days. Each membership level also comes with additional bonuses that will help you along the way.

Inside you can earn mailing credits by reviewing member’s solo ads for 12 seconds. Then use those credits to email your offer to more members.  As an extra bonus to you if you can get your members solo ads down below ten in 24 hours you can get yourself a golden ticket, which I explain how that will help you later. In this area there are also extended solo ads to review which can help you gain more credits. You need to keep this area below 100 ads to gain a golden ticket.

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Now you have been waiting for how can the golden ticket help you. A golden ticket is like a raffle ticket, so every ticket you earn gives you a chance to win a bonus 25,000 mailing credits. You can also buy golden tickets from your mailing credits. The draw is down on the Sunday every week so the more you have the more chance you have of getting a bonus 25,000 mailing credits.

SOTAM also offers a full page ad for you offer which is displayed to members after they login in. If they view your page/ offer for 20 seconds they will earn mailing credits. You have to purchase the ads but they come with a guarantee views from members.

The last thing that SOTAM has is a time bonus which allows you to show banner ads at the top of the member’s solo ads. So when some looks at one of the members ads to earn credits they have a chance of seeing your banner to your offer. You can earn time bonus credits by viewing the member’s ads.

Plus there is a lot more they have to offer but I don’t want to bore you anymore.

I my opinion I like SOTAM because I can do everything in one place and the best thing is most of the views and clicks are from people looking to work in the IM field so your offer gets seen.

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WebFire’s Orion Review – What is it?

This is my review on a new software just created by the Brian Koz and Shawn Casey from The software is called Orion and it helps business owners to find unlimited amounts of leads and customers.

The software has 8 tools inside it to help any business owners to get more exposure, which means there will be more traffic and leads and sales.

Some of the tools inside will help you make leads by finding buyers that are looking and asking to buy stuff that you maybe selling.

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Here is a quick over view of the 8 tools inside that will help you.

  1. Ad forge – It will create Ad’s with pictures for you.
  2. Auction Pro –  Is a tool that has Buyers and Sellers on action to classified price
  3. Excavator – Helps get you leads
  4. Get leads – Find leads for you
  5. Get Traffic – Finds all websites on products that are promoting the same or slightly different products to you that are on pages 1-3 in search engines like Google. Then you can leave a reply on that site to drive more traffic to your site.
  6. Middle Man Accelerator – gives you help with door to door selling of a product, by selling them a service. Like building them a top ranking website for their business.
  7. Post Master – It will post on web forms for you.
  8. Siphon competition – Shows you how to siphon the customers from your competitors by placing comments on others blogs.

There is a quick rundown on the tools that you will find inside the software. These tools are all high end tools that are needed when trying to start or expand a business and normally take a long time to find on your own.

The software does it all for you and all you have to do is let it know what you are looking for and what you are selling and it will do it find all the best leads and buyers automatic for you. Then all you have to do is let the leads know that you have the product or service that they are looking for.

Let me put in this why you can do most of the things by yourself but it may take you months to find everything and get it running right so that you are making a income. With this software you can be making an income in less than a month.

I have only had it for a little time now and find that has help me a lot by cutting down the time that I spend in front of the computer looking for leads and sales.

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DotCom Secrets X

DotCom Secrets X – What it involves and is it a scam

This is a review on DotCom Secrets X coaching course and a little about what is involved in the course.

First I would like to introduce Russell Brunson. He will be your coach and mentor throughout the course.

Russell has setup a course around marketing and explains every step in detail about what needs to be done in order to make money online. To start he will get you to choose a product that you will like to market. Then he will show you step by step on how to set everything up in order to start marketing your product.

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DotCom Secrets X1

The course is broken down into a 30 day course for a $1.00 so you can try it out. You will be given one thing to do each day which doesn’t take long to do after you watch his day by day video on how everything is done, which they take around 20 minutes to watch. You will also be given your own DotCom Secrets affiliate link and pages, so that you will be able to market DotCom Secrets and get paid while learning.

The Golden sequence is one of the steps inside that will help you to enhance you’re earning through building a list. Now as everyone keeps saying “The money is in the list” and that what you will learn here.  The information that I have learnt in this step shocked me as DotCom Secrets X was one of the first products that I brought when trying to make an income online and this was the step that I was always missing when I tried others.

After you have everything setup then you will start to learn how to get Solo Ads to your product which will help you if have a Golden Sequence in place for them to join you list. Inside Russell has given you a big list of Solo Ads providers from which you can choose from in order to drive traffic to offer and your list.

There are so many things inside that are also just as helpful in the course. The support that you get from Russell and the team is fantastic, and is always there to lend you hand if you get stuck on any of the steps.

In conclusion I found this to be one of the easiest courses that I have done when trying to make an income online. Plus it was properly one of the cheapest to with only $1.00 to try a 30 day course I just had to try it. It is made for newbie’s and it works, as long as you keep up with the course and follow every step.

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GVO review – What is It.

This is my review on GVO and what is inside. GVO stands for (Global Virtual Opportunity) and is a web hosting sevice that allows internet marketers a way of promoting thier websites using the GVO marketing tools provided inside.

One of the best things that GVO offers is unlimited domain reseller hosting, which means that you can have one hosting account where you can host unlimited domains off the account. What that means is that you can sell hosting spaces to others and make a 50% commission off the individuals that you sponsor and make a income from there membership fees.

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GVO also has a autoresponder system that you are encouraged to use. If you don’t know what a autoresponder is, it is a system that is automated to help  you send out emails to your leads and is one of the most important step in internet marketing. To help you understand it a bit more, when you sell a product or someone signs in for more information off your website they will be sent an email that you have setup for them to recive in from the autoresponder. Then you can have multiple emails setup to be sent out every day reminding them to take action on the product with out lifting a finger. Which in turns keeps that lead intersted and makes them stay for longer and makes you a nice income off them.

GVO also has a video hosting which allows you to place videos in public place where it can be seen by others. which can eventully turn into leads and then sales.

One of the other things is the price of this service is resonably competative with most of the other services out there.

For example for as little as $9.97 a month after the 7 day $1.00 trial you get:

  • Hosting for 4 domains
  • 500 subsciber autoresponder
  • Video hosting for 5 vidoes and
  • State of the art confernce room

Which would normally cost you around $100 a month is you payed for them seperatly. Here you can get them in one tight bundle.

In conclusion GVO has a great service and provides it at an affordable price that i find fantastic. I use it for all my internet marketing and i find that having them all in one service i’m not getting lost with what step that i’m up to, by using multiple services that are confusing.  By using the tools within GVO you can make them work for themselves

To find out more informtion or to get started click link below:

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Automated paydays

Automated Pay Days review: Does it actually work

Hi here is my review on Automated Pay Days. It is a product that is created by Jamie Shaw and it is designed to bring you in a 6 figure income.

The software has two parts in it to help you get what you need to make a income on the internet.

The first part is mostly to do with setting up the software, where you will go through and make sure that everything is done correctly so that you will be able to make the most out of it. As part of the set up you will get a free word press website created for you. You may start earning money off the website as soon as it is finished being created. You will get this in the member’s homepage after signing up.

Part Two of the software is about generating the money that you are here for. Jamie will show you some generating tactics inside the software that most of the top internet marketers use to make them a massive income. The best part of this is that it is almost automated for you once completed.

Once you have it all up and running you will not have to work a 9 – 5 jobs anymore, that is one of the best things about what is inside part two of the software, it will be almost fully automated for you. There are a few up sells involved in the software but they are optional. You do not have to take them for the software to work, but they are recommended if you would like to improve the software’s performance.

I like this product because no matter what internet skills you may have the Jamie has designed the software so there are only a few simple steps to do and you will be able to make an income.

I was sceptical of this at first because I have try products and software where they promise it to be automated but after trying it out a few months ago, I have change my opinion on it. I have seen what the software does and how it works and it’s bringing me in a nice income that has allowed me to quit my day job and enjoy life.  I would recommend it for anyone that is looking to start making a income online, as Automated pay days does work and is simple to use.

To find out more or to get stared click here:


Viral Inbox review – What is it and how it works

Viral inbox is an email provider that helps you take charge of your emails. It let you keep your daily emails separate from your business emails so you have more time to concentrate on the emails you would like to read and gives you more time to work on your business.

When you sign up to the system you will get a unique email address that you will be able to use when emailing out your offers and products. Plus you don’t have to set up a new email address every time you join a new list Viral Inbox does all that for you. Inside the system they also provide some great list building solutions and a good marketing platform that can and will help you with your business.


Click Picture above to find out more.

One other thing that is great about it is you can stop getting spam emails from lists. Because you create a new box for every list you join you can find out you is spamming you with their emails and just click the box to unsubscribe to that list and you don’t have to worry about them no more.

They have a system mailer inside which you can use but if you upgrade to a platinum or higher membership level you will receive daily mailing credits. If you start at the platinum level you will be able to email 1,000 products and offers every day. The higher the membership the more you will be able to mail every day.

You can earn extra mailing credits by reading emails and clicking the link inside of them. From there you can continue to open new page which will also earn you credits for just opening them and having a look at what is being promoted. You can do this even if you have a silver membership.

Promotion tools are also inside the affiliate section, where you can place banner advertising on a website. Plus they have email swipes and blog reviews that you can choose to use for promoting viral inbox as an affiliate. The list builder has a 5 to 8 level (depending on membership level) downline, which you can earn commission’s any where up to 55% per referral you have. Also for every referral you make you can upsize you storage space.

I personally use ViralInbox for my work online and it has helped me. I like how you can earn mailing credits just by reading a few emails and looking at website, I do this every day and then I use the credits I have earned to email my products and offers.

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ViralURL Review – What is it and how it could help you

Viral URL protects your commissions from theft by using link cloaking and shorting. They also provide you with tracking on the number of clicks to an offer being promoted and you can earn extra mailing and ad credits, also it helps you build a list in a 7 step program.


Inside Viral URL you can System mailer to mail your offers or websites to all the Viral URL members which I think is good because you can get good feedback from the members if they like what they see. They also have a down line mailer and list builder plus a text and banner ads that can be placed on your website and has your affiliate link inside of them so when your traffic clicks on one of them they will be to your affiliate page for Viral URL.

The biggest thing in Viral URL is the link cloaking. Now if you are new to marketing online you might be asking what that is. Well it allows you to hide your links, which stop rampant commission frauds. Which is good in my opinion because lots of commissions from well known online markets have been stolen from individuals and I wouldn’t like my hard earn cash to be going to someone you hasn’t done the work.

The link cloaking service is easy to use and you can use it as a free subscriber to the website. Then all you have to do is follow the simple steps and you are done. Every time one of you links is clicked you earn advertising credits which will help if you would like to email the member or even you down line. You can also use the credits for text and banner ads for you website.

The other plus to this is you can also track the number of clicks to you links, which will give you an idea of how the website or offer is doing compared to others you might have activated at the time.

I can personally say the I like this product, it has helped me get started in the online marketing business. The help and assistance you get from the whole team is great and very helpful. They get back to you in the most shortest time possible. I always found it hard when you ask for help and had to wait up to 4 days for someone to get back to you and then they ask you what the problem is. The Viral URL team are professionals in what they do and they have always steered me on the right track.

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Mobile money code


If you are reading this you obviously have heard of the Mobile Money Code and are wondering, does it work and whether it is a scam. Well I’m here to tell you that it does work but you do have to put the time into the programme to get it up and running.

Here is a little information on what the programme is about.

It teaches you on how you can get new customers through mobile marketing which is getting bigger by the day. You can get your business in front of the millions of mobile users at a very small start up cost for yourself. The whole process for the program is done through easy step by step training videos and marketing strategies that are extremely helpful.  You also get free tools to help you get setup like, websites, QR code generator, and back links to help you succeed in your business; all of this comes with a 60 day money back guarantee just in case you find it’s not for you.

Now you are properly wondering, how does this compare to other programmes out there and it is simple. It is a reasonably new compared to others out there and has a low start up fee where everything is covered through that fee. No extra cost involved it is all covered in the start up fee. Other programmes charge extra for websites, domain fee, extra programmes and you end up spending thousands on getting it started and have to spend a lot more time getting them to work. The Mobile Money Code is simple to use and cost little to make lots more back.


Click picture above to find out more or to get started:

Is the Mobile Money Code a scam:

I am going to leave this question up to you, as it is a tough question for me to answer. But I can tell you that I have tried it and the whole program seems fine to me but if you are still not sure then, go and find out more information on it and see what you come up with.

Why choose Mobile Money Code:

Well think of this, there are more mobile users these days and more of them are switching to smart phones which can access the internet on the go so they can find what they are looking for while in town and not at home. They will find your business or product on their mobile and act quicker than if they found it elsewhere. The mobile technology is only advancing with more using it every day.

In conclusion:

I think the Mobile Money Code is an easy to use and affordable programme that can be used with minimal knowledge. You still have to put some time and effort into it for it to work, but thanks to the 60 money back guarantee what is there to loss in giving it a try.

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