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GVO review – What is It.

This is my review on GVO and what is inside. GVO stands for (Global Virtual Opportunity) and is a web hosting sevice that allows internet marketers a way of promoting thier websites using the GVO marketing tools provided inside.

One of the best things that GVO offers is unlimited domain reseller hosting, which means that you can have one hosting account where you can host unlimited domains off the account. What that means is that you can sell hosting spaces to others and make a 50% commission off the individuals that you sponsor and make a income from there membership fees.

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GVO also has a autoresponder system that you are encouraged to use. If you don’t know what a autoresponder is, it is a system that is automated to help  you send out emails to your leads and is one of the most important step in internet marketing. To help you understand it a bit more, when you sell a product or someone signs in for more information off your website they will be sent an email that you have setup for them to recive in from the autoresponder. Then you can have multiple emails setup to be sent out every day reminding them to take action on the product with out lifting a finger. Which in turns keeps that lead intersted and makes them stay for longer and makes you a nice income off them.

GVO also has a video hosting which allows you to place videos in public place where it can be seen by others. which can eventully turn into leads and then sales.

One of the other things is the price of this service is resonably competative with most of the other services out there.

For example for as little as $9.97 a month after the 7 day $1.00 trial you get:

  • Hosting for 4 domains
  • 500 subsciber autoresponder
  • Video hosting for 5 vidoes and
  • State of the art confernce room

Which would normally cost you around $100 a month is you payed for them seperatly. Here you can get them in one tight bundle.

In conclusion GVO has a great service and provides it at an affordable price that i find fantastic. I use it for all my internet marketing and i find that having them all in one service i’m not getting lost with what step that i’m up to, by using multiple services that are confusing.  By using the tools within GVO you can make them work for themselves

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