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State Of The Art Mailer Review – What is it and is it a scam?

State Of The Art Mailer (SOTAM) is a viral mailing system created by Jaye Pause & Brad Webb. It allows you to email around 29,000 active members your offer/ product.

I have been using SOTAM for three months now. It is my primary emailing service of this kind and I will go through everything that the mailer has to offer in detail for you.

SOTAM has different membership levels which allow you to mail active members starting from 500 (which is the free membership) up to 25,000 (the top membership) every 3 days. Each membership level also comes with additional bonuses that will help you along the way.

Inside you can earn mailing credits by reviewing member’s solo ads for 12 seconds. Then use those credits to email your offer to more members.  As an extra bonus to you if you can get your members solo ads down below ten in 24 hours you can get yourself a golden ticket, which I explain how that will help you later. In this area there are also extended solo ads to review which can help you gain more credits. You need to keep this area below 100 ads to gain a golden ticket.

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Now you have been waiting for how can the golden ticket help you. A golden ticket is like a raffle ticket, so every ticket you earn gives you a chance to win a bonus 25,000 mailing credits. You can also buy golden tickets from your mailing credits. The draw is down on the Sunday every week so the more you have the more chance you have of getting a bonus 25,000 mailing credits.

SOTAM also offers a full page ad for you offer which is displayed to members after they login in. If they view your page/ offer for 20 seconds they will earn mailing credits. You have to purchase the ads but they come with a guarantee views from members.

The last thing that SOTAM has is a time bonus which allows you to show banner ads at the top of the member’s solo ads. So when some looks at one of the members ads to earn credits they have a chance of seeing your banner to your offer. You can earn time bonus credits by viewing the member’s ads.

Plus there is a lot more they have to offer but I don’t want to bore you anymore.

I my opinion I like SOTAM because I can do everything in one place and the best thing is most of the views and clicks are from people looking to work in the IM field so your offer gets seen.

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