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ViralURL Review – What is it and how it could help you

Viral URL protects your commissions from theft by using link cloaking and shorting. They also provide you with tracking on the number of clicks to an offer being promoted and you can earn extra mailing and ad credits, also it helps you build a list in a 7 step program.


Inside Viral URL you can System mailer to mail your offers or websites to all the Viral URL members which I think is good because you can get good feedback from the members if they like what they see. They also have a down line mailer and list builder plus a text and banner ads that can be placed on your website and has your affiliate link inside of them so when your traffic clicks on one of them they will be to your affiliate page for Viral URL.

The biggest thing in Viral URL is the link cloaking. Now if you are new to marketing online you might be asking what that is. Well it allows you to hide your links, which stop rampant commission frauds. Which is good in my opinion because lots of commissions from well known online markets have been stolen from individuals and I wouldn’t like my hard earn cash to be going to someone you hasn’t done the work.

The link cloaking service is easy to use and you can use it as a free subscriber to the website. Then all you have to do is follow the simple steps and you are done. Every time one of you links is clicked you earn advertising credits which will help if you would like to email the member or even you down line. You can also use the credits for text and banner ads for you website.

The other plus to this is you can also track the number of clicks to you links, which will give you an idea of how the website or offer is doing compared to others you might have activated at the time.

I can personally say the I like this product, it has helped me get started in the online marketing business. The help and assistance you get from the whole team is great and very helpful. They get back to you in the most shortest time possible. I always found it hard when you ask for help and had to wait up to 4 days for someone to get back to you and then they ask you what the problem is. The Viral URL team are professionals in what they do and they have always steered me on the right track.

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